Wild Grasses of Victoria course details

This 2-day course provides a solid foundation for participants to identify Victoria's wild species of grass, in the field and with the aid of identification keys. It also covers the ecology, management and growth requirements of grasses. Partipants learn to read the landscape and manage vegetation well through an understanding of the grass species present and their relationships with other flora and fauna. Related groups such as sedges and rushes are covered in less detail. Use of identification keys is introduced, allowing interested participants to progress to the identification workshop in Blackburn on 16th December 2023.

Two streams of the course are offered, differing only in their dates: (1) Nov 29 and Dec 6 & 13; or (2) Nov 30 and Dec 6 & 14. The first and last days of each stream are indoors in Bayswater North during 9:30 am – 1 pm and outdoors (Kilsyth South, Montrose) during 2 – 5:30 pm. December 8 is a half-day in a basalt grassland in Toolern Vale: morning for stream 1 and afternoon for stream 2.

Also allow a few hours of your own time before the course starts to view this introductory video. It gives you a simple mission to collect some grass specimens that you should bring to our first session together.

Class size is kept to 18 students - few enough to allow individual attention for novices through to botanists. It is a very social course.


Course fees are not due until your application is successful. Then, the cost will be:

  • $660, or
  • $495 with proof of a Health Care Card.
  • The fee includes 18 contact hours, extensive course notes, identification keys and snacks.

    Funds raised will support botanical research into Australian grasses.

    How to apply

    Apply by 5 pm, Monday, 9th October 2023.

    These courses always book out but it is not a 'first come - first served' process. Those who missed out last year are given priority this year. Other applicants will go into a random ballot for remaining positions. If you're unlucky this year, you will have a priority offer next year.

    The outcome of the ballot will be announced by 20th October 2023.

    Please apply online, or if that's not possible, ring 0403 229 862.

    More Testimonials

    'This course was an inspiring and invaluable guide to identification of wild grasses of Victoria. I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning about grasses as well as ecology and management.'   — Jennifer, ecological consultant

    'I really want to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful course I have just completed. In a way I feel I am just starting - a wonderful window has been opened for me. I have learnt so much, and although I do not come from the scientific and practical background of most people doing this course, the information I have gleaned for my work as a landscape designer has been immensely helpful to me. I do hope that at some stage I shall have the privilege of benefitting again from your amazing knowledge and wonderful professionalism.'   — Sandra

    'I enjoyed the combination of spending time in the lecture room, keying out species and being out in the field, looking at diverse grass communities. I think the great thing is that no matter what level you are at, you are sure to learn something.'   — Dr Andrea, botanist

    'The course is a must for any individual working on the conservation and management of grassy ecosystems. This is one of the courses with the best value for money. It is well structured and practical. You will want to retake the course after a few years just to get updated and to learn more from Graeme.'   — Mark, ecologist

    'As a council Bushland Officer, the 'Wild Grasses of Victoria' course not only continues my learning and development, but assists me in passing on knowledge to Friends and School groups. The learning encourages practical participation, where sharing with peers encourages conversation and develops networks.'   — Adam