Grass Identification Workshop

  9 am – 5 pm, Saturday, 16th December 2023
  Field Naturalists Hall near Blackburn Railway Station

This workshop is designed to get past the frustration and dissatisfaction of using identification keys for wild grass species. Participants are expected to have some prior experience with grass identification (e.g. the Wild Grasses of Victoria course). In case you've become a bit rusty on grass structure and terminology, a set of notes will be provided to help you cram beforehand.

There will be a brief introduction about how to use the microscope that is provided for each participant. Specimens will be provided, including numerous species of wallaby-grass and spear-grass plus a diverse range of others. You can also bring specimens of your own. Some species will be 'keyed out' as a group exercise but most of the time will involve each person following a key, with roving tutors available to help.

The workshops will be led by Dr Graeme Lorimer, assisted by Dr Matt Dell and Dr Austin Brown.

New identification keys for stipoids and wallaby-grasses will be provided and participants will also be tutored in using the online keys in 'VicFlora'.

With all this, plus the delight of finally being able to identify those pesky grasses and being surrounded by likeminded people, how could you not have fun!


Course fees are not due until your application is successful. Then, the cost will be:

  • $300, or
  • $250 with proof of a Health Care Card.
  • The fee includes 7 contact hours, course notes, identification keys, specimens to identify and morning and afternoon teas. Lunch is available at nearby shops.

    How to apply

    Click here to apply online by 5 pm, Monday, 9th October. If too many people apply, a random ballot will be run and the outcome will be announced within a fortnight. No payment is needed until your application is successful.

    If you can't apply online, ring 0403 229 862.